How to increase hair and beard growth

Lets get directly to the point, we are here to learn how to increase hair and beard growth. As you see my hairline was taking its last breath begging me to take action, and I am so extremely happy I did. I mean the pictures talks for themselves and keep in mind, this is only 3 months of progress. No matter if you are a male or a female, we all love our hair. But not a lot of people treat it as if we do, I was one of them. After taking the picture to the left bottom I knew, either i go full bald mode or I take some serious action. The picture on the bottom right tells you which path i chose. The first step was to educate myself and there was a lot of information to get but I had to combine everything myself. That is a big part of why I am making this blog. I want to help regrow their hair like I have done, beacuse I know how much it has done to my confidence. 

In this Blog I will tell you which hair and beard products I have used, how to use them, you get it, everything. My vision and goal with this is to atleast have helped a few people to do this themselves and for them to reach out to me with before and after pictures. That would truly make me happy, so don't be scared to contact me with your results. Alright, lets get to it.

The links to products in the following section are to Amazon products that I have used to increase my hair and beard growth. Note that it is affiliate links and that I make a small commission of items purhcased using them, however, this does not affect my opinions of the products.

How to grow your hair

Top 5 products for hair growth

Step number one is to figure out which products to use. There are plenty of good products out there to regrow your hair and to stop hairloss. Down below I will rank my top 5 products that I have used. Rember, this section is mainly for hair growth. If you are interested in how to grow a beard, click here.


I have been using Minoxidil 5% since april. I would without a doubt rank this as the number one reason for my stopped hairloss but also my new hair growth. Minoxidil is applied twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening both for my beard and hair. Personally i added this to my already existing morning and evening routine to never forget it. Minoxidil comes in different forms but I used a mousse since I found that the smoothest and it would not make my hair greasy. For more information about Minoxidil, click here.

Long haird man

2.Rosemary oil

Rosemary oil is told to have similar effects to your hair as Minoxidil 5%. However, with that being said, it's an oil and it makes you hair a lot greasier and it smells a lot stronger than Minoxidil that has no smell at all. With this in mind I have used Rosemary oil a few days a week and applied it to my scalp a few hours before showering it off. It is perfect when I know I will be home for a few hours before getting ready to leave. It also moisturizes the scalp which is perfect since Minoxidil can sometimes make your scalp dry. Read more about Rosemary oil.

Rosemary oil

3. Scalp massager

A scalp massager has been really really great to implement in my showering routine. Personally I only use shampoo a few times in a week but when I do I make sure to use my scalp massager and massage it into my scalp. The purpose for this is to get the blood flow going, and for the hair follices to wake up. Remember, a key function to regrow your hair is to increase your blood flow where the hair is supposed to grow. The scalp massager also makes it very easy to do this without pulling the hair as you hair might would have. More about scalp massager.

Scalp massager

4. Derma roller

My beloved derma roller. It's not a surprise that this one makes the list. For the same reason as I mentioned with the scalp massager, we want to get the blood flowing. That is exactly what the derma roller helps us achieve. I have been using this like two times a week. Rolling all the areas where I want to stimulate hair growth. This includes my beard. I have heard different opinions about this but some people advice to wait 24 hours before applying anything to the areas that has been rolled when finished. Personally I have just made sure that I haven't done it right before anything to my skin. Usually I would use my dermaroller a few hours after applying my moring minoxidil. There are also derma stamps if you feel like that would suit you better. Read more about the derma roller and the derma stamp here.


5. Shampoos

I feel like this is more directed to my male audience since girls usually have this one more locked in. I have been one of those guys using the 3-1 shampoos my entire life, partly because of convenience and partly because of lack of knowledge. But seeing my hairline crawl backwards before 25 made me decide to get locked in, in every single area of my hair regrowth journey. I have now been using a shampoo with Biotin and Collogen to help strenghten me hair further. This is the shampoo I have been using.


About me

I am a 25 year old man who started losing my hair in my early twenties. I remember feeling bad about it and looking for ways to stop the hair loss and make it better. I felt like the information was a bit limited or atleast very spread out, so i decided to make this website to inform people about different areas ragarding hair loss and how to increase hair and beard growth, I also share my before and after pictures so my readers can get motivated to start their journey.

I started using Hair and beard growth products in April 2023 and I  have experienced a lot of new hair growth. As you can see in the pictures on the top of the page

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